Video Marketing Roundup: Top 8 Corporate Videos

At, we’re firm believers in the value of a great corporate video.

Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, corporate videos got a bad rap. That’s because oftentimes they are filled with corporate jargon, vague statements, and yawn-inducing music.


We define a corporate video as a public-facing video which focuses on the company, its culture and its people as a whole, rather than specific products or services. Sometimes they’re also referred to as “corporate culture videos” or a “recruiting videos.”

These 8 great examples from different industries and budget points show that corporate videos don’t have to be cheesy, boring, or stiff:

1) – Our Blades Are F***ing Great

Dollar Shave Club has some pretty absurd videos. Absurd in the best way possible. Their corporate video is short and sweet, yet, it packs in an explanation of the company, introduction of the founder, and plenty of humor. Thanks to their viral videos, Dollar Shave Club skyrocketed in growth and popularity and was recently acquired by Unilever, a giant in the life brands category. If this doesn’t show the power of video, we don’t know what does!

2) Inside Amazon Videos 

Just shy of 100 videos, Amazon has the most robust library of corporate culture videos we’ve come across. The videos are broken down by specific roles within the company, taking a deep inside look into the company culture, opportunities for growth, and what’s involved in the job. Here’s an example focused on the Executive Assistant roles:

3) Risual Corporate Video

Since Risual has a “shit ton” of clients and have “won every award ever,” you might think they wouldn’t need to make any videos. Well, you’d be wrong. Check out their hilarious take on the corporate video.

4) A Day in the Life of Rackspace – Get your Awesome On! 

Videos don’t have to be complicated or expensive to be effective. Rackspace shot and edited their corporate video during the course of one day. Their simple video shows off their workspace, employee benefits, and the team culture.

5) Spotify Engineers 

Spotify Engineers is a two part animated video series that zeros in on the engineering culture at Spotify. It’s a nice and detailed approach that appeals to the target audience, showing potential engineering recruits exactly what to expect of the work culture at Spotify.

6) John St – Catvertising 

Shoutout to our Canadian friends! This is a humorous example of a corporate video from the Toronto advertising agency John St., who used the craze of cat videos in a very clever and funny way to market themselves.

7) Vidyard ’13 Highlights 

Vidyard has a few videos that fall under the “corporate video” umbrella. This one takes a look back on memories from 2013, which was a great year at Vidyard.

8)  [email protected] Revisited (Corporate Video)

AppNexus takes a pretty standard approach to the corporate video, featuring several speakers from different roles in the company.  It provides a solid explanation of what the company does and what the culture is like, with an upbeat tone.

So there you have it, 8 great examples of corporate videos. You see, when it comes to creative corporate videos, it doesn’t matter what industry your company operates in or what your budget is. We hope these sparked some ideas!

Ready to make your own awesome corporate video? For a detailed guide and 6 more corporate video examples for inspiration, read this: How to Make a Corporate Video That Doesn’t Suck.

And if you’d like to get in touch with talented videographers, head over to our content shop to check out sample videos. We can’t wait to learn about the unique culture and the people who make up your company.

Are there any great corporate videos we missed? Please share your favorites with us in the comments or on Twitter (@veedme).