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Video Production: Outsourcing VS. In-House

By now, most marketers and the companies they work for know the power of video content and are actively strategizing on how to get the content they need created. But as videos become more and more important as a marketing tool, many companies who want to scale video content efforts are facing the dilemma of whether to outsource ...Read more

The Official Guide to Testimonial Videos

Many of our first-time clients come to us with the question: which type of video should we start with? 99% of the time, our recommendation is to go with a testimonial video. Why? Time and time again, research shows that testimonial videos give companies the most bang for their buck. Take a look at the stats below:

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    April Fools’ for Marketers: Inspiration for Your 2016 Video Prank

    Regardless of industry, size, and whether your company caters to the B2B or B2C market, April Fools’ Day presents a huge marketing opportunity to not only have some fun and delight your customers with a cheeky prank, but also to garner free press and virality if you have a really excellent execution of your idea.

    April Fools’

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    A new production for Waze.

    We are happy to release a new video that was produced through to another GREAT company. The navigation app - Waze, which was acquired by Google, teamed up with Lyft, Sidecar and 99Taxis this St. Patrick's Day in order to encourage all of us to use alternate services when getting home (instead of driving drunk!) We're proud to ...Read more