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Top 3 Videos All Websites Need [MarketingProfs Guest Post]

Video content is king. It helps increase brand awareness, generate leads, and ultimately, increase sales. Our latest guest post on MarketingProfs reveals the three types of videos every Marketer should have on their company website:
  1. Testimonial Video
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Video Production: Outsourcing VS. In-House

By now, most marketers and the companies they work for know the power of video content and are actively strategizing on how to get the content they need created. But as videos become more and more important as a marketing tool, many companies who want to scale video content efforts are facing the dilemma of whether to outsource ...Read more

Using Videos at Every Stage of the Customer Journey [Shopify Guest Post]

When consumers look for answers, discover new things, or make decisions, they turn to videos for help. A great video at just the right spot along the customer journey can help convert shoppers into buyers. The customer journey is complicated though, and attention spans are short. But don't worry, we've got you covered! Check out our guest post on Read more

10 Commandments for Going on Camera for The First Time

For certain types of videos, such as creative commercials, professional actors are the way to go. Other times, when creating a company culture or testimonial video, it makes more sense to feature real people from within your company or customers as the stars of the show. ...Read more