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8 Of The Best Blogs & Sites To Follow About Video Marketing

As a marketer, it’s not easy to stay on top of every new trend or social media channel that emerges, piling ever higher on your platter of options to pursue for your business. Just when you thought you got the hang of Instagram, Snapchat comes in and changes everything! When it comes to video, by now most marketers know how ...Read more

The Official Guide to Testimonial Videos

Many of our first-time clients come to us with the question: which type of video should we start with? 99% of the time, our recommendation is to go with a testimonial video. Why? Time and time again, research shows that testimonial videos give companies the most bang for their buck. Take a look at the stats below:

    ...Read more

    How To Tailor Your Video Content for Each Social Media Platform

    When most marketers finish a piece of video content these days, the first response is usually to plop it center stage on your website. Then you probably do a rapid “spray” campaign--get you, your mother and everyone you know to share it across all your social media networks. While obviously this approach is fairly easy and straightforward, that doesn’t mean ...Read more

    Video Marketing Platforms: When YouTube is Not Enough, and ROI is Everything

    Any ol’ marketer from New York City to Timbuktu knows to put his videos on YouTube, the “no-duh” (free) go-to place to host your video content. And now Facebook has been going hard on video for over the past year, sucking up and promoting as much video content as much as they can. We wrote about all the free ways ...Read more