Google Doodles gets videos from 17 countries through!

A few weeks ago the Google Doodle team reached out to us and asked would it will be possible to get video footage of the different Berlin Wall segments from around the world through Google was planning an emotional video marking the 25th anniversary of the Berlin Wall fall.

It was a no brainer that our community was up for that.

In one week, creators, from 17 different countries, shot beautiful footage of the different segments, in various locations such as Moscow, Cape Town, New York, Brussels, Seoul and many more.

We’re so proud of this project which is another realization of’s vision- Democratize Online Video Production and Make it Accessible for Everyone, Anywhere.

Determined to share this experience on the doodle and others like it around the world, we were looking for ways to source footage from many different countries quickly. Luckily we had already heard about and realized they offer exactly what we were after. We asked them to arrange 17 international film crews to document wall segments in 3 continents and within a week (!) we had it all ready. We were extremely happy with the result and hope to collaborate with the team again soon”, says Google Doodle Product Marketing Manager, Liat Ben Rafael.

Here’s the beautiful, emotional video.



Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 10.10.26 AM