Five tips for brands to promote themselves with social media video


Today more then ever businesses have various social media platforms to promote their brands for free.

We, at, believe it or not, 🙂 are video fanatics and we are telling you that: VIDEO is THE best way to promote your brand.  Check out our five tips:

1.Provide value-There is nothing better then a fan’s homemade video that teaches to do something super cool. A person being motivated to do something because of your brand is an amazing thing.  Your brand is memorable, it affects people. That is ultimately the goal.  Check out a fun example – This is a value!

2. Tell a story-A cool way to illustrate this is by looking at Suprafootwear. This video is creative and fun and it features their products. A great thing that a video does better then anything else is that it creates an atmosphere and image.  It gives a brand personality and strengthens its perception in the audience’s mind. 

3. Give a behind the scenes look- Share with your audience the “magic” of how your brand looks behind the scenes- show them the team, the creation of your products or anything else that makes them feel special and like an insider. Check out: The hundreds instagram video.

4. Don’t worry about perfection-There are lots of examples of videos that weren’t professionally made and still got thousands of likes.

5. Engage with your audience- Responding to customers’ questions through video allows you to engage on a more personal level. They will appreciate it and be able to put a face to the brand. Another important point is that you should always reply to their questions on the comments feed below the video, it will make them engage with the brand even more.

Good luck and trust your creative mind.