Our Favorite Video Marketing Campaigns (Bonus: Meet the Team!)

Video roundups are all the rage these days, and we love them too. What better way to procrastinate than to watch a great marketing video and get inspired for your next one?

Like most startups, Veed.me works out of a bright open concept office. And being in the video marketing space, we’re a passionate bunch when it comes to great video content. A fun part of our office culture is that whenever one of us finds a cool video that really stands out, we throw it up on the big screen to share with the rest of the team.

This week we thought we’d throw our favourite videos up on an even bigger “screen” – this blog – for all of our lovely readers to watch and enjoy with us. Without further ado, here’s our top 8 video roundup, and a bit about the awesome people that make up the Veed.me team:

“Google Photos: Free Up Space” by Google Photos

Selected by: Yoav Hornung, Co-founder & CEO

video marketing listYoav is our fearless leader. Before taking the leap to become an entrepreneur and start Veed.me, Yoav was an award-winning filmmaker. Today, his creative outlet and favorite hobby is photography. He finds Google Photos to be a real life-saver when it comes to freeing up room for new photos on his iPhone. He loves their new video – we’ve all had that cringe-worthy moment of running out of storage right when you have a great photo opportunity, and Google Photos captured this perfectly in a fun short video.


“Puppyhood” by Purina

Selected by: Danielle Gross, Graphic Designer

video marketing roundup Danielle is the graphic designer at Veed.me. She’s the creative powerhouse behind all of our design elements – whether it’s the look and feel of our product, website, marketing collateral, and anything in between. She also has a soft spot for puppies and recently remembered this cute video by Purina about a man who found a soulmate in a puppy. Warning: get the tissues ready, it’s that adorable.

Oh, and Bun, our office puppy (aka Chief of Happiness) likes this video a lot too! 🙂


“The Boy Who Learned to Fly | Usain Bolt” by Gatorade

Selected by: Nuriel Zuaretz, Co-founder & VP of Product

nuriNuri is one of the co-founders and the VP of Product at Veed.me. He envisions and then brings to life the UX and UI of the Veed.me platform. He’s passionate about making functional and helpful products, with the users’ needs and empowerment as first priority. He’s also a data and SEO wizard. Nuri loves this beautiful animation video by Gatorade, showing the emotional and physical journey of one of the greatest athletes that ever lived. It’s also a great example of an effective longer video that really takes the time to connect the viewer with the story.


“Instagram Stories” by Instagram

Selected by: Marsha Druker, Content Marketer

video marketingHey there, I’m Marsha. I’m a content marketer at Veed.me and the author of this article. I head up our content, PR, and social media efforts. I also love geeking out on all things tech. When Instagram Stories made their recent debut, I thought it was an interesting and bold move, one that would change the social landscape. I gave them a shot, and have been an avid user ever since. I like the creative launch video that Instagram put out to announce this new feature:


“Unlimited Future” by Nike

Selected by: Tomer Avni, CTO

tomerTomer is Veed.me’s CTO. When he’s not behind his screen with his headphones coding away and bringing exciting new features (such as chat and location search) to the Veed.me product, he loves playing sports. He also recently welcomed his second child. He loves the inspirational and uplifting message behind this adorable new Nike video. Because after all, champions weren’t born champions. They were born babies. As always, Nike delivered a powerful video that captures attention.


“Security” by Dollar Shave Club

Selected by: Oren Hod, CMO and Business Development

orenOren is one of Veed.me’s co-founders and heads up Marketing and Business Development. He has a knack for meeting and finding common ground with people from all walks of life, which makes him a natural at his job. He’s also one of the most stylish and in-the-know people you’ll ever meet. Oren opened up our New York office and was the first man-on-the-ground in this exciting market for Veed.me. Oren likes this video by Dollar Shave Club because it gets the company’s message and value proposition across in a very effective, humorous, and relatable way.


“Boost!” by Boost Inc.

Selected by: Adam Winograd, Head of Customer Experience

adamYou might recognize Adam from our How it Works and other videos. When he’s not revelling in front of the camera, Adam takes care of our customers and creators, writes amazing blog content, and manages exciting video projects through the Veed.me platform. He really wears a lot of hats and we all admire him for his ability to seamlessly balance it all. Adam recently joined Oren in our New York office, and will now focus more heavily on business development and sales. He likes this explainer video by Boost Inc. because it shows their product off in a cool and humorous way with awesome motion graphics.


“Warby Parker Home Try-On Program” by Warby Parker

Selected by: Eryk Waligora, Summer Intern

erykEryk is our wonderful summer intern. He spent the past couple of months doing some deep research and analysis on our industry, and blew the team away with his insightful presentations.  Eryk has been using glasses and contacts his whole whole life. He really admires Warby Parker for their low costs, style, humor, and philanthropy. He loves their marketing video and thinks it does a great job targeting Millennials online to explain what the company is/does.


There you have it, 8 awesome videos and the even more awesome people on the Veed.me team who selected them! Psst…we’re also pinning videos we love and lots of other fun stuff on Pinterest on a daily basis. Follow us on there for more video marketing inspiration. And share any videos you love with us in the comments below.