Facebook video ads- 15-second Video Ads for Your News Feed


Surprise! Not…

Facebook might be following the video trend.

Rumor has it that sometime soon you and all the other millions of Facebook users will be finding TV-style ads in your News Feed.  These video ads are expected to be 15 second long and of the auto-play variety.  

15 seconds? Hmmm… what does that make you think of? Instagram! Seems like Vine started a trend and its spreading to all the platforms.   But why? As we have mentioned before, the power of video is undeniable. Video has become the most dominant form of online content with hundreds of millions of internet users watch videos every day.  Oh, and that this move will probably bring in about $2.5 million dollars a day.  

But all-in-all, Facebook is keeping quiet.  No official announcement seems to be on the horizon, just a simple, “no comment.”  


japanese crazy banana ad.