DudaMobile Video Case Study

Duda, a great startup that is based both, in Silicon Valley and Israel, needed a video.
Their video had to be shot in Buda, Texas, a place that is far far away from both of their offices.

They posted a project on Veed.me with their needs, including their location requirements and waited for proposals.

They ended up choosing a San Francisco based creator who was willing to take the exciting project, and got an awesome video.


We asked Amit Knaani, VP product at Duda, a few questions about the experience…

1. You decided to make a video because…

we were in the process of building our brand and we had an activity coming that we wanted to beautifully document.

2. Your thoughts on working with Veed.me:

I was a bit worried because i wanted it to be professional and i didn’t know veed me, I had a few bad past experience with “hire a pro” sites, but at the moment i enter my project and start to get comments I felt better, and actually “to fall in love” with probably the 2nd creator…

3. Tell us about the process from your perspective?

The process was very satisfying from my perspective, the need to define my project so the creators can understand was good to understand my needs better, the UI can be easier (to upload stuff..) but at the end i felt my project offer reflects perfectly what i wanted to achieve. since we took one of the first creator approach us it wasn’t a long and tiring process for us.. we saw the creator, checked his movies, liked what we see and on the next day we already talked and moved into fast closure

We had lots of needs, it was supposed to happen really fast, we worked from israel and London and we needed creator from the US since the took place in TX, the creator was extremely professional and took care of everything, from organising an assistance to arriving by himself, we just had to be there…

4. What was the best part about working with Veed.me?

No doubt, the time we spent together at the event, working together from morning till sunset and later, hanging together, enjoying the company and the professional attitude of the creator, we become good friends and i feel he had a similar experience

5. How did you pick your creator?

We saw the movies he did, and got reccomendations from the team in veed.me

6. Would you do anything differently?

Not from the side included veed.me 🙂

7. Tips for Future Clients:

Make sure you spend a good amount of time on choosing your creator. Getting to know them personally if you are going to be spending a decent amount of time with them and being totally clear about what you want to achieve.

8. Biggest value by using Veed.me? (texas i.e..)

A great value and highly professional product.

And the video…


pictures from set?