How Corporate Research Videos Can Bring Your Customers To Life

In the course of making hundreds of videos for companies large and small, you start to notice some trends. And one of the most exciting and prominent video trends we’ve seen in the past year is an increasing need for what we term corporate research videos.

In a business world awash with reams of quantitative data, statistics, surveys, analytics and more, what often gets lost is the essential human aspect of the customer. This “hard” data is no doubt helpful for making informed business decisions, but sometimes it’s no match for simply seeing and hearing from real people themselves.

Companies looking to bring their consumers to life in more visceral, emotional and compelling ways are naturally turning towards video to help illuminate their insights and bring about change inside their organizations.

At, we’ve been at the front lines of this development, actively co-developing a unique offering alongside our clients to bring their consumers to life through various video formats.

From simple executions to complex multi-location projects, we can deliver on a variety of research videos that all aim to bring consumers into the spotlight of your organization:

Man-on the Street Interviews:

One of our most straightforward use cases is delivering compelling man-on-the-street interviews from consumers in a specific demographic on a set topic(s). For example, our clients use this type of research video to gauge consumer awareness and brand perception of their products/services, or to understand how different technologies might be used and embraced from one country to another (developed vs. developing, etc), or even to get a pulse amongst teens on “what’s cool” in the moment. Man-on-the-street interviews are easy, low-cost and fast to execute, even across many geographies.

street interviews veedme research videos

Documenting Researchers on the Ground:

In other cases, works in conjunction with market researchers or UI/UX researchers who are carrying out their own in-depth product research projects and helps to document and bring their work to life. Pairing with experienced local videographers takes the pressure off of researchers who need to focus on their work and not on getting quality video footage, which often needs to be packaged and presented to clients or internal stakeholders. The fact that our videographers are nearly always local means that they’re experts in scouting locations, securing permits and sourcing quality respondents.


Consumer Documentaries:

As we’ve outlined in a previous post, “consumer documentaries” are a deeply immersive ethnographic format which typically follow a single consumer (although often in several geographies) and paint a cohesive narrative, helping to illuminate both specific research objectives as well as give a true taste for how consumers live, work and dream about their lives. Trust in our experienced videographers–many of whom who have have extensive documentary experience–to deliver an engaging story. Consumer documentaries can be especially valuable for exploring consumers’ lives in emerging markets which may be vastly different than your own.

Footage from consumer documentaries done in emerging markets:

As Yet Unimagined Formats:

We’re looking to partner with clients on developing even more unique and innovating ways of bringing consumers to life through research videos. If you have specific needs, let us know.

Summing Up

The benefits of using to produce research videos are many:

  • Cinematic Quality:
    Professionally produced research videos are just that: professional. The quality of the video is often cinematic and beautiful to watch, steps above handheld camcorders or smartphone submissions.
  • Multi-location Shooting:
    Second, enables you to shoot and carry out research in practically any market in the world. Multi-location shooting is the norm for us, and our vast network of videographers around the globe are experts in their locales.
  • Cut Costs & Save Time:
    Research videos also save time and cost, since typically handles much of the project management and legwork involved, and because our videographers are professionals who do this for a living. Research videos can also replace other costly forms of research, such as focus groups.
  • Digestible & Engaging:
    Lastly, it goes almost without saying that research videos are more digestible and engaging than other formats. Time starved employees and executives are much more likely to pay attention to an engaging video than to another heavy Powerpoint deck. Video is the perfect vehicle for delivering insights that can really help organizations understand their consumers and to help them make more informed business decisions.

If you’re ready to start on your first (or next!) research video, check out our Enterprise page to get your project in motion.