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Our Favorite Video Marketing Campaigns (Bonus: Meet the Team!)

Video roundups are all the rage these days, and we love them too. What better way to procrastinate than to watch a great marketing video and get inspired for your next one? Like most startups, works out of a bright open concept office. And being in the video marketing space, we’re a passionate bunch ...Read more

What kinds of videos did marketers want in 2015?

Earlier this year, launched a side project called “How Much To Make A Video?”, which sought to answer exactly this question for the many marketers and business owners out there who needed marketing videos, but had no idea how much they should cost. Now, tens of thousands of unique ...Read more

Live Action vs Animation: What’s Best For Your Business?

  Choosing whether to make a live action video or an animated video is probably one of the first big decision points businesses come to when considering video content. Many of us here at have a background in filmmaking, and thus we prefer to show real people and real locations whenever we can. But the truth is that animation ...Read more