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Top 10 Doritos “Crash the Super Bowl” entries

It's the time of the year! The Doritos "Crash the Super Bowl" contest is in it's final stages Two spots will air during the Super Bowl XLIX broadcast, the grand prize winner selected by fan votes on the Doritos website, and the first prize winner selected by the Doritos brand, who will receive $50,000. The eight finalists whose commercials don't ...Read more

The ‘Coolest’ way to make ca$h for your company

  Why is a quality video so important? In today’s crazy world where you learn to use an ipad before you can walk, it seems like just about anyone can make a video. Because it’s easy right? You just point and squirt the camera wherever you want, throw it on windows movie maker and BAM! There’s your movie. It’s true ...Read more

Google Doodles gets videos from 17 countries through!

A few weeks ago the Google Doodle team reached out to us and asked would it will be possible to get video footage of the different Berlin Wall segments from around the world through Google was planning an emotional video marking the 25th anniversary of the Berlin Wall fall. It was a no brainer that our community was up for ...Read more

Is Ikea the next Doritos?

If you haven't seen the recent Ikea video "BookBook" you've been probably asleep. Clearly spoofing Apple ads, Ikea brilliantly released a new two-and-a-half minute video shot against a white backdrop with inspirational music playing shows IKEA’s “chief design guru” Jorgen Eghammer earnestly extolling the virtues of the catalogue. “no cables, not even a power cable”, an “eternal” battery life, “no ...Read more