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How to Use Video for Instagram Marketing (and Brands That Are Doing it Right)

A few months ago we published a comprehensive post about How To Tailor Your Video Content for Each Social Media Platform. The exciting thing about social media is that it’s always changing and evolving. So, even though the post is just shy of its 5 month birthday, there are lots of new ...Read more

Our Favorite Video Marketing Campaigns (Bonus: Meet the Team!)

Video roundups are all the rage these days, and we love them too. What better way to procrastinate than to watch a great marketing video and get inspired for your next one? Like most startups, works out of a bright open concept office. And being in the video marketing space, we’re a passionate bunch ...Read more

April Fools’ for Marketers: Inspiration for Your 2016 Video Prank

Regardless of industry, size, and whether your company caters to the B2B or B2C market, April Fools’ Day presents a huge marketing opportunity to not only have some fun and delight your customers with a cheeky prank, but also to garner free press and virality if you have a really excellent execution of your idea.

April Fools’

...Read more

Live Action vs Animation: What’s Best For Your Business?

  Choosing whether to make a live action video or an animated video is probably one of the first big decision points businesses come to when considering video content. Many of us here at have a background in filmmaking, and thus we prefer to show real people and real locations whenever we can. But the truth is that animation ...Read more