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How to Make a Corporate Video That Doesn’t Suck

There’s a lot of talk about corporate videos being outdated and no longer relevant. They can definitely be cheesy, stiff and feel like they’ve been birthed straight out of the 80’s. But, companies like Hubspot, Google, and Starbucks don’t seem to think so.

At, we believe that a corporate video is still a fantastic tool to

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The Official Guide to Testimonial Videos

Many of our first-time clients come to us with the question: which type of video should we start with? 99% of the time, our recommendation is to go with a testimonial video. Why? Time and time again, research shows that testimonial videos give companies the most bang for their buck. Take a look at the stats below:

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    Video Marketing Platforms: When YouTube is Not Enough, and ROI is Everything

    Any ol’ marketer from New York City to Timbuktu knows to put his videos on YouTube, the “no-duh” (free) go-to place to host your video content. And now Facebook has been going hard on video for over the past year, sucking up and promoting as much video content as much as they can. We wrote about all the free ways ...Read more