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Video Marketing Roundup: Top 8 Corporate Videos

At, we’re firm believers in the value of a great corporate video.
Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, corporate videos got a bad rap. That’s because oftentimes they are filled with corporate jargon, vague statements, and yawn-inducing music.
*Cringe!* (more…) ...Read more

How Corporate Research Videos Can Bring Your Customers To Life

In the course of making hundreds of videos for companies large and small, you start to notice some trends. And one of the most exciting and prominent video trends we’ve seen in the past year is an increasing need for what we term corporate research videos. In a business world awash with reams of quantitative data, statistics, surveys, analytics and more, ...Read more

Using Videos at Every Stage of the Customer Journey [Shopify Guest Post]

When consumers look for answers, discover new things, or make decisions, they turn to videos for help. A great video at just the right spot along the customer journey can help convert shoppers into buyers. The customer journey is complicated though, and attention spans are short. But don't worry, we've got you covered! Check out our guest post on Read more

Consumer Documentaries: What are they and why should you create them?

In a past life as a branding and strategy consultant for Fortune 500 companies, I saw firsthand how even at huge, supposedly consumer-centric B2C corporations, there is often a yawning chasm between how company executives think of themselves and their products or services, and how their customers actually perceive the company--and more importantly, how they live their lives and imagine ...Read more