Case Study: Vodio and the Power of Humorous Videos



Vodio is a video discovery application that helps users to take their video consumption habits to the next level by creating personalized video streams from dozens of content services. Using the knowledge of the crowd mixed with your personal tastes and interests, Vodio adapts to show you video content you’ll love.

Video Goals:

  • Raise brand awareness and brand perception in the gear up to Android app launch
  • Produce a professional quality video to be used as an App Preview video in the Android store, as well as to be shared on website and other social outlets.

Raising the “cool factor”

When Vodio needed to produce their first videos with a limited budget for the launch of their Android app, they turned to to get it done. They wanted a video which would be effective on the branding side of things, in positioning the product as something that was cool and showed a sense of humor, while also driving curiosity and enticing potential users to download.

After submitting their project through, they were quickly matched with a team of local filmmakers who produced two short, hilarious videos for Vodio.

“Working with was like a breath of fresh air. They were extremely professional and made the creative process fun, especially for someone who didn’t know much about producing video,” —-Jonathan Messika, Vodio CEO

The entire process for both videos took just two weeks from start to finish, including shooting, editing and post-production.


While specific business impact results were hard to measure, Messika believes that the videos improved brand perception and awareness and positioned the company as cool, humorous and innovative, which is especially important in the video space. “The Proposal” video received over 180,000 views alone on YouTube to date, and still serves as its Google Play store preview.

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