Case Study: StartApp creates client testimonial series to celebrate customers (and win new ones!)

Campaign Goals/KPIs:

  • Showcase how StartApp works with clients of its SODA product to address challenges and meet goals
  • Improve conversion for sales and business development teams


StartApp is an insight-driven mobile advertising technology company that enables partners to turn data into fulfilling mobile moments. By creating innovative ways of exploring mobile users’ intents and behaviors, and being smarter about responding to these factors, they help their clients optimize and better execute their strategies. StartApp partners with over 300,000 applications, reaching 1.1 billion MAUs (monthly active users) worldwide.

Show, don’t tell

After having published a few of the usual written case studies for their website, StartApp wanted to explore the option of creating more engaging client testimonial videos in order to supplement and vary their written content. They decided to focus on one of their products, StartApp SODA, which is targeted towards social apps (messengers, social networks, dating apps, etc.) Using’s deep network of professional videographers, particularly in the NYC area, StartApp was able to quickly source the right partner for this project (Luminous Studios.) They filmed two separate testimonials with happy customers, and were able to create a cohesive and unique intro and outro sequence that will be used in future videos to make it an ongoing series.

The sales tool that keeps on giving

The two client videos are now being used extensively by StartApp’s sales and marketing teams. Even better, after publishing the videos, more happy clients came forward asking to appear in a video, giving StartApp a pipeline of subjects for future videos that will eventually represent all their product lines. It’s a step above the usual laundry list of “selected clients” that really brings to life the relationships that StartApp forms with their customers to address their challenges and goals.

“Since this was the first series of testimonial videos that we have done as a company, we didn’t have any contacts with local videographers. helped us evaluate a few different videographers and their visions without the burden of searching the internet and going site by site to find a videographer that fit our needs and budget.” –Cassidy Smith, Social Networks Manager, StartApp