Case Study: DaSilva Boards & The Power of Video Content Marketing

Build a Community around your business

Check out our new video case study on our friends from DaSilva Boards Company, a lifestyle brand focused on producing high quality hand-made longboards.

We took a tour of their new digs to explore the origins behind the brand, their production process and most importantly, how they use video content to engage with their fan base (their “tribe,” as they say) around the world with their company video.

Don’t miss the awesome action sports cinematography as well, captured by a filmmaker for promotional use by DaSilva.

Social = Video

Social networks represent the biggest and best opportunity for many brands (particularly lifestyle-focused brands like DaSilva) to gain exposure and build communities. And using a video within social networks is clearly the best tactic for getting ROI from social content marketing, far above texts or even pictures.

Video content these days is extremely important today, especially with social media. If you do have a good video, that’s a good way to attract followers, that’s a good way for people to know who you are, to get connected with you and feel a part of your tibe.

All major social networks have implemented their own video player, and some have integrated support for video-ads.
This way a video WILL get much more exposure in current social algorithms than text or an image, not to mention the fact that video content might be autoplayed (on Facebook and Instagram, for example) and will get you much more retention and trust from your viewers, AKA your potential community members.

Do What YOU Love

  1. Don’t compromise on your work. It’s your essence.
  2. Stay curious: Always be creating.
  3. Tell your company story – Let your personality and unique brand personality shine through.


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