Splacer uses video tours to bring their unique spaces to life




Video Goals

  • Allow potential customers to better visualize Splacer properties with dynamic video
  • Create engaging video content for Splacer’s online magazine and social media channels
  • Improve conversion to Reservations on individual property pages

About Splacer

Splacer is an online marketplace that brings together people who own unique spaces with people who are looking to create event “experiences,” such as meetings, workshops, parties and exhibitions. If Airbnb turns homes into hotels, Splacer lets people transform their personal spaces into event venues for their local community.

Video Tours For Spaces – Going beyond pictures and words
In speaking with prospective and current users of the Splacer platform, Co-founder and CMO Lihi Gerstner found that while photos are an obviously necessary component to booking any Splacer space, it nonetheless remained difficult to really visualize a space and how an event might unfold and come to life inside it. While Splacer had previously invested in amazing background videos for their homepage, they hadn’t yet developed more in-depth video content.

Bringing her vision to life

That’s when Gerstner decided to start exploring adding video for select properties on Splacer. Working closely with a Project Manager, Splacer decided on two different video types to start with: video tours combined with a testimonial interview of the space owner, as well as a broader brand-level video giving ideas for unique event activations possible in in a space.

Mining’s robust videographer catalogue, Gerstner was able to quickly find a few talented videographers in the NYC area to simultaneously film and edit the different videos she wanted to produce.

Leveraging video to improve KPI’s and create evergreen content

In just one month, Splacer was able to produce four separate marketing videos.

Three of the videos focused on individual Splacer space owners and their unique spaces throughout NYC, while the fourth focused on highlighting how a unique church space could be used for non-traditional events, such as a performance by renowned local musician Delicate Steve.

So far, Splacer has started to leverage their new videos in social media posts as well as in their online Magazine, which focuses on highlighting unique spaces and events going on in New York.

Soon, Splacer will add the property tour videos to their product pages and begin to measure the effect of videos on conversion to reservations.

Watch Another video made in NYC

" is a great way to discover talent for a video project. Whether featuring a space interview or an event activation, we were able to filter out the precise talent and with each videographer had an amazing experience. We're now planning a commercial video. This will be the 5th time we are using!"
Lihi Gerstner | Founder & CEO, Splacer

About The Creator

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All around USA
Using our creative network we were able to shoot in multiple locations at the same time, allowing a much shorter timeframe and a dramatic decrease of costs and legwork.

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