AppsFlyer’s testimonial videos highlight customer success




Video Goals

  • Showcase to potential customers how AppsFlyer helped similar businesses achieve success, building trust and credibility
  • Create engaging video content for AppsFlyer’s website and social media channels
  • Reduce bounce rate on site and increase conversions to the sign-up page

About AppsFlyer

AppsFlyer is the leading Mobile Attribution & Marketing Analytics platform that allows app marketers, brands and agencies to easily measure the performance of their marketing channels - paid, organic and social - from a single real-time dashboard. Enabling instant connection to over 1,900 integrated partners, the company helps more than 10,000 customers to make data-driven decisions that boost the ROI of their marketing activities.

Bringing life and authenticity to the AppsFlyer website

Ran Avrahamy, the VP Marketing at AppsFlyer was always a big believer in the effectiveness of customer testimonials in driving new business. He also knew that testimonial videos would bring life and authenticity to AppsFlyer in a way that their existing text-based testimonials simply couldn’t. Seeing and hearing satisfied customers genuinely talking about their personal experience with AppsFlyer would help build trust and credibility with prospects, keep visitors on the site longer and increase the chances that they will sign up to try the service.

Veed.me’s fast turnaround saves the day

Avrahamy and his marketing team decided to produce 12 testimonial videos for clients spread across San Francisco and New York. But when their original videographer pulled out at the last minute, they were left scrambling.

That’s when AppsFlyer came across Veed.me. Working closely with a Veed.me Project Manager, Avrahamy was quickly able to source an extremely talented filmmaker with a ton of relevant experience who understood just what AppsFlyer needed to get the project back on track. Veed.me was also there every step of the way to help with project management, creative consultation, and even reviewing rough cuts.

Leveraging video to drive signups:

All 12 testimonial videos were expertly shot in a span of just one week, meeting AppsFlyer’s original deadline.

AppsFlyer proudly displays their new testimonial videos on a dedicated website customer page celebrating Mobile App Marketing Success Stories. They also leverage the video content across their social platforms.

Eleven of the videos took a deep dive into individual company success stories, while the twelfth video was a compilation of the key messages from each company.
"12 testimonial videos. Two coasts. One week to produce. Veed.me took my complex video request and made it a reality. I’m beyond thrilled with the quality of the videos, the professional service and the speedy delivery of the final product. Veed.me took out all the micro-management and let me focus on getting great video content"
Ran Avrahamy | VP Marketing, AppsFlyer

About The Creator

#Nicholas | 5
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Nicholas is a video director who has directed commercials for companies as Google, Procter & Gamble, Apple, Toyota and AppsFlyer, networks including BET, MTV, CBS, E!, FOX and Bravo, and worked with labels Sony UK, Warner Music, Virgin and more.

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