April Fools Top Video Pranks

It is most likely that if you enjoyed any of the April Fools Pranks, they were videos.

2014 shows again the fact that video is the most preferred medium to consume content and definitely when it comes to pure entertainment.

April Fools is always interesting since it sees many companies bringing up their most creative ideas, it shows the DNA of the company in terms of self humor and creativity It shows how further they would have gone with their ideas if they only could.

We collected some awesome April Fools videos from today and we’ll be happy to add some more in case you have a good ones 🙂

Enjoy and get fooled!

1. Waze goes for dating, too. 
We’re definitely biased here since it was produced through Veed.me, but we know that you’ll enjoy it!

2. Samuel Adams add helium to their beer
Not much to elaborate here, you really have to just watch (and listen)..

3. YouTube #NewTrends
YouTube Announces Upcoming Viral Video Trends –  Showing off upcoming viral videos not yet released

4. Airbnb introduces – Airbrb
Airbrb unlocks the potential of your unused work surfaces by connecting you with curious creators who want to rent your desk.

5.  Virgin America + Nest = Total Temprature Control
Virgin America announced it’s installing individual Nest smart climate control devices on each airplane seat

6. Pokemon for Google Maps (4.5 Million views so far)

The most viewed video so far shows users the new Google Maps feature which lets you travel the world and catch Pokemon through augmented reality.

7. Blizzard Announces Blizzard Outcasts Fighting Game For April Fools
This one is for all the gamers out there who miss the 8 bit games style

8. Google Fiber Coffee
Ever wanted to have your coffee pouring from your wall? check this out..


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