Announcing Our New Tool: How Much To Make A Video? has seen hundreds of video projects opened over the past few years. And after interacting with so many business owners and marketing professionals, you start to see commonalities which emerge in the questions which pop up repeatedly.

One of the most common questions we get is: “How much should my video cost?” Script, actors, casting, location scouting, editing, voiceovers, special effects–many business owners, rightly, don’t have a clue about the costs of any of these elements.

The video production world is shrouded in mystery, complications and process, and for people just starting to tackle it, it can be daunting.

Thankfully, has just released a new tool from the lab which makes it much easier. By analyzing the inputs and outputs of the last 100 completed projects on, we’ve created a useful budget estimation calculator which takes into account the various elements needed to create your video and gives you an estimated rough budget.

We were inspired by another great project by the team at Crew, who has produced a handy tool for aspiring app developers called How Much to Make an App.

While of course the tool cannot be 100% accurate, and real prices will vary depending on specific needs, locations, etc, we think that it helps to illuminate what was once a black hole of information.

We hope you’ll find it fun and easy to use. The next time you’re exploring a video for your business, please take it for a spin. Your feedback and suggestions are always welcomed.

And once you have a budget in mind, be sure to open a project with and tap into our curated community of 2500+ videographers worldwide who can get your video made.

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