39 Animated Logos That Will Energize Your Clients

Logo animation breathes new life into a brand’s identity in a way still images and flat text can’t. Sometimes even just a few frames of animation can engage our audience and can create that extra attention. Take a look at some of our favorite animated logo techniques and learn why they’re so effective.

The Morph

FireFox animated logo

FireFox Animated Logo

This style keeps the viewer guessing. A morphing logo can become absolutely anything, and just when someone thinks they know what they’re seeing, you can jolt them back to attention with a new look. This animated version of the Firefox browser logo turns a swirling blur into a relaxed animal mascot. Morphing weaves action, mystery, and recognizable branding to keep people interested longer than a still logo can.

Here are some other examples of the morph logo:

videocamp logo animation

videocamp logo animation. Source: ibrandstudio

morphing logo animation

morphing logo animation. Source: designmantic.com

bop logo animation

bop logo animation. Source: ibrandstudio

Vimeo logo animation

Vimeo logo animation. Source: ustcreative.com

The Pulse

Shazam logo animation

Shazam logo animation. Source: speckyboy.com

If you’re thinking about Shazam, you’re probably thinking about music, and the pulsing glow brings to mind a high-energy beat. By bringing the logo to life with the very thing that drives Shazam, it appeals to music lovers even more.

Here are some other examples of the pulse logo:

bolt logo animation

Bolt logo animation. Source: ibrandstudio

Brikk logo animation

Brikk logo animation.

The Spell-Out

untime logo animation

untime logo animation. Source: dribbble.com

How do you animate a plain-text logo? Simple: Spell it out and give it a flourish. The flowing font and the gliding ink drop are so soothing you want to watch it loop, which is why designers Untime Studio chose it for their blog. Fiverr doer hectorromero198 has some other great examples of this technique in his portfolio.

Here are some other examples of the spell-out logo:

macaw logo animation

macaw logo animation. Source: howdesign.com

ikea logo animation

ikea logo animation. Source: dribbble.com

Fanta logo animation

Fanta logo animation. Source: justcreative.com

The Negative Space

skype logo animation

skype logo animation. Source: dribbble.com

Skype’s logo animation forms in negative space as bubbles fly in and cluster together. It’s surprising and creates an engaging experience for users. For another cool version of animated negative space, see Fiverr Pro animteam’s Matthew Noah logo.

Here are some other examples of the negative space logo:

Nike logo animation

Nike logo animation. Source: justcreative.com

Spotify logo animation

Spotify logo animation. Source: justcreative.com

be logo animation

Source: dribbble.com

slingshot logo animation

slingshot logo animation. Source: ibrandstudio

The Intuitive

codecycle logo animation

codecycle logo animation. Source: dribbble.com

Skype’s animation is effective because it’s unexpected, but sometimes the most effective design is exactly what you would expect. This speculative design for CodeCycle, an energy-efficiency app for building designers, takes pride in showing real-world objects with real-world animation. It’s a useful reminder that a dog with a wagging tail, a candle with a flickering flame, or a bicycle that jets across the screen can be perfectly satisfying.

Here are some other examples of the intuitive logo:

rain wine logo animation

rain wine logo animation. Source: dribbble.com

Miami heat logo animation

Miami heat logo animation. Source: howdesign.com

sunrise logo animation

sunrise logo animation. Source: dribbble.com

The Storyteller

google logo animation

google logo animation. source: slate.com

Google’s got its fingers in a lot of pies, and this animated logo tells that story in a bright, energetic and lively way. The colors are bold and bright, the dots hop happily, and the icons remind you of core Google services. Google’s homepage puts on animation masterclasses almost daily with the Google Doodle.

Here are some other examples of the storyteller logo:

Master Card Animated Logo

Master Card Animated Logo. Source: justcreative.com

Intel Animated Logo

Intel Animated Logo. Source: justcreative.com

The Cartoonish

LinkedIn logo animation

LinkedIn logo animation. Source: justcreative.com

Cartoonish animations reach the kid in almost everyone, conjuring fun and whimsy and making a brand’s presence lighter. This animated LinkedIn logo shows the business networking site has a sense of humor about the work world. Getting trapped in your own briefcase could be terrifying, but the bright, bouncy style keeps the viewer smiling.

Here are some other examples of the cartoonish logo:

Pinterest logo animation

Pinterest logo animation. Source: justcreative.com

Twitch logo animation

Twitch logo animation. Source: speckyboy.com

Instagram logo animation

Instagram logo animation. Source: justcreative.com

The Elegant

Flight Animated Logo

Flight logo animation. Source: speckyboy.com

Public relations is a complicated and crowded field, and so image really matters. Los Angeles-based Flight PR reassures clients that it’s a cool, calm, and collected organization with an elegant animated logo designed around clean lines and smooth flow. These logos sometimes use an endless loop technique that implies stability and consistency. For another take on elegance, check out Fiverr doer vicasso’s Alberto Garcia logo.

Here are some other examples of the elegant logo:

Animated Logo

logo animation. Source: dribbble.com

introgif Animated Logo

introgif Animated Logo. Source: dribbble.com

The Hand-Drawn

sonosanctus Animated Logo

sonosanctus Animated Logo. Source: dribbble.com

Audio design firm Sono Sanctus connects with visitors via this clever animated logo. You could be seeing the work of a skilled freehand artist working at high speeds, and it’s that throwback connection to traditional pen-and-paper methods that make hand-drawn logos so interesting. Whether the hand-drawn style is full of clean, precise lines or rough pencil marks, that taste of the physical world puts these logos in a special class.

Here are some other examples of the hand-drawn logo:

Avid Animated Logo

Avid Animated Logo. Source: dribbble.com

mail chimp snap Animated Logo

mail chimp snap Animated Logo. Source: justcreative.com

The Reveal

FedEx Animated Logo

FedEx Animated Logo. Source: justcreative.com

The power of a reveal animation isn’t just what is uncovered but how the picture comes together. As the FedEx logo takes shape, the whooshing arrows (you can practically hear them!) promise jet-propelled service. They precisely carve out each section with timely and on-target delivery. It’s exactly what FedEx is trying to say about itself.

Here are some other examples of the reveal logo:

Uber Animated Logo

Uber Animated Logo. Source: ibrandstudio.com

Burger King Animated Logo

Burger King Animated Logo. Source: ibrandstudio

Fuse Animated Logo

Fuse Animated Logo. Source: ibrandstudio

The Three-Dimensional

3D Animated Logo

3D Animated Logo. Source: ibrandstudio

For a generation of old-school gamers, the brief twist of the letter N rising up when the Nintendo 64 was turned on promised excitement. This reconstruction turns it into a perpetual motion and excitement machine with just 15 frames.


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