Amir Shevat from Google talks about his experience


Amir Shevat, Developer Relations Manager @ Google.

You decided to make a video because…

The first video we made was to talk about what Google Campus is.  To tell a stories of the people involved in Campus. The stories of the startups, the entrepreneurs, the developers.

Your thoughts on working with

I really love  I think their solution is great.   {Why?}  I think they are very innovative and they solve a real problem {What is the problem?} The problem of getting high quality and cost effective videos.

Tell us about the process from your perspective?

The process is really simple.  You go into the site, you submit a form–which is really easy.  And then you just get answers by email and you get to pick and choose.

Any results after releasing the video?

We have absolutely fabulous results.  Both internally and externally so we are very happy.  {Could you name a few?} The google entrepreneurship outreach was really happy with the video, we had positive social feedback, entrepreneurs loved it.

How did you pick your creator? suggested whom to choose.  {Do you trust} Yes.

Would you do anything differently?

No, I don’t think so.

Tips for Future Clients:

Be as detailed as you can with the brief.

Anything else?

World Peace


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