8 Of The Best Blogs & Sites To Follow About Video Marketing

As a marketer, it’s not easy to stay on top of every new trend or social media channel that emerges, piling ever higher on your platter of options to pursue for your business. Just when you thought you got the hang of Instagram, Snapchat comes in and changes everything!

When it comes to video, by now most marketers know how effective video content is in comparison to other forms of content. But since video is probably just one portion of your marketing spend, it’s understandable that you may not know everything there is to know about video marketing, production, analytics, etc.

We’ve rounded up a list of helpful websites, blogs and resources to get you up to speed on the latest developments in the video world (other than the Veed.me blog, of course!) Explore these sites as you prepare to make your next video and you’ll be in good shape:


ReelSEO has become a go-to resource in the world of video marketing, with a ton of original content, tips, tutorials and opinion pieces from leading digital marketers and video professionals. They also maintain a monthly leaderboard of the top video creators across a multitude of social media channels, so you can easily get inspiration or see what competitors are doing. The data from this comes from the site’s owner, Tubular Labs, which acquired them.

2. Video Marketing 2.0

An excellent set of podcasts that covers trends, best practices, tips and more in digestible bites. Recent episodes include “Editing a Live Action Video- Tips & Techniques” and “The Thumbnail: The Cover Art of your Marketing Video.” We love how in-depth and into the nitty gritty details they get.

3. Wistia Blog

Wistia is a leader in the video hosting and analytics space. Their blog is chockfull of useful content on both sides of the equation–both how to make a video (production) and what to do after it. In particular, there are lots of great posts about how to do video production in-house, as well as lots of technical know-how and tips for promoting, sharing, and measuring your videos afterward. They also have great downloadable guides and strategy booklets.

4. Vidyard Blog

Vidyard is another robust video hosting platform with a strong backlog of content on video marketing, albeit with a slightly stronger focus on the technical aspects of video, and how it can be used for lead generation.

5. Think With Google

Google maintains a pretty robust blog with a section focused on video, which gleans lots of insights from the treasure trove of data that is YouTube. There are a lot of interesting case studies here from Fortune 500 clients.

6. HubSpot Video

Hubspot is undoubtedly one of the big juggernauts in the content marketing space, and while they obviously don’t exclusively focus on video, they have a pretty robust selection of blog posts, guides, tidbits and more on the topic of video that helps you to see the role of video in the context of the bigger content marketing picture.

7. Marketing Profs

Another biggie in the marketing blog world, usually with a more B2B focus than B2C. While you can find articles on any topic, there is a robust selection of video marketing and strategy related ones. They also put on great podcasts and webinars.

8. Vimeo Blog

The Vimeo blog has a ton of great content, both for filmmakers as well as marketers and business people. The “Video School” section is great for videographers (and aspiring amateur ones) while the “Business Tips” section is focused on video marketing, promotion and case studies.


Summing Up
Video production and video marketing can seem daunting and mysterious if you’ve never done it before, but these  blogs and websites are a surefire way to get up to speed on best practices, trends and best examples in the industry.

Feel like you’re up to speed on the video marketing world and want to get started on your own production? Check out Veed.me’s growing catalogue of priced video examples from top videographers from around the globe. Or check out some of our case studies to explore how you can successfully use video to drive your marketing efforts.