5 Recommended Platforms For Video Marketing

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Creating an online video presence is quintessential for companies competing in today’s rapidly evolving market. Companies with short videos on their websites come off as being more legitimate and in the end do more business. Having a solid business strategy and rock star employees is imperative but it will not guarantee you won’t go belly up. In a study done by Bloomberg, they estimated that 8 out 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months. Now, while this statistic is alarming it is also pertinent to point out that not all companies translate into the real world and work. What this means is that what sounded good to you and your “business partners” in your parent’s basement won’t always translate to what the modern consumer wants and needs. When looking at this statistic it shows that you need something extra that separates you from the competition. In this case the “X” factor is a video. Having an awesome video gives your company more of an online presence. Posting these videos on video platform sites will also help you reach a larger audience. Here’s a list of the best video platforms that have more views combined than any other sites and will take your company into the stratosphere.



The phenomenon that is YouTube is incredible. It blossomed like an unbelievable force that appeared one day and never left. It is estimated that over 1 billion people visit YouTube each month and watch a wide range of videos that include commercials, documentaries, and cats doing peculiar things. Advertising platforms like TrueView have capitalized on the staggering number of users and have created ads that run before your video runs allowing them to reach more users then ever before.




This mobile video platform is one of the fastest growing digital media content sites on the planet. A recent statistic showed that nearly 100 million Vine videos are watched each month and that Vine users share over 8,000 videos every minute. This has caused companies to reshape their digital marketing strategies so they can reach this massive audience of untapped viewers.

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Twitter has roughly 230 million active users, this enormous population comprises all types of people that range from average Joes, athletes, musicians, celebrities and companies. With such a large user base the next step for Twitter was to integrate pictures and videos into their existing platform. This happened about very recently and has taken the Internet by storm. Twitter has also become integrated with Vine such that users can upload their videos directly from Vine to Twitter.

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In 2013 Instagram announced to its users that they would be able to record and share videos on their platform. In the first 24 hours of their announcement and implementation users uploaded 5 million videos. Since then millions of videos have been uploaded and watched on the social media site. Most Fortune 500 companies have an Instagram page that is updated regularly as well. Creating accounts has allowed these corporations to reach generation X like never before.

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Any business worth its weight in silver has a proper Facebook page with videos, meme’s and GIF’s. With over 1.39 billion monthly active users, Facebook has become one of the greatest websites for advertisers. Like all of these platforms listed above Facebook is free to join and anyone who wants to join and has an Internet connection can. It’s a market place that has evolved since its conception and continues to grow. These 5 platforms aren’t slowing down anytime soon and will continue to grow to meet the demands of its users.

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Article by: Jeff Askin Community Manager at Veed.me